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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.



Ross Talarico

Fluent: English and Italian

Year of Call: 1982 – Ontario

Meet Ross Talarico, a highly respected lawyer and one of the founding members of Talarico and Schwisberg Law Offices. With over 40 years of experience practicing real estate law, wills and estates and corporate commercial law, Ross has established himself as a trusted advisor in the field. After obtaining his law degree from the University of Ottawa and being called to the bar in 1982, he has dedicated his career to assisting clients with their real estate, commercial, and wills and estates matters.

Beyond his legal accomplishments, Ross is a devoted husband and proud father of four. He understands the importance of family and brings a compassionate approach to his practice. In addition to his legal work, Ross volunteers in his community, having served on the Board of Directors of Villa Marconi Long Term Care Center. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

(613) 236-8000 ext. 1


Sam Schwisberg

Fluent: English and French

Year of Call: 1983 – Ontario

Samuel Schwisberg is a committed lawyer, professor, and author. After graduating with an LLB from the University of Ottawa, Samuel pursued a Master of Laws in international business law from Osgoode Hall. Although his expertise, is in international business law, Samuel also practices extensively in employment and family law, in order to support small family operated businesses. Samuel is a frequent author and lecturer. He has been a professor of Law at Carleton University since 2006. His book “Swarm before Me”, brought to light the legal and social issues regarding Women’s rights and Canadian family law.



Gerald W. Matlashewski

Fluent: English and French

Year of Call: 1983 – Ontario

Gerald (Gerry) W. Matlashewski is a dedicated lawyer with over 35 years of experience with expertise in Landlord & Tenant Law, all areas of Insurance Law and Employment Law as well as in Real Estate and Wills. Gerry is an advocate before all levels of courts and administrative tribunals. Gerry has been representing clients for insurance claims, especially in disability, critical illness and life insurance claims. Whether it is issues with landlord and tenants, or pertaining to insurance claims, Gerry will be the lawyer you would want to call.

(613) 236-8000 ext. 4

Brooke Dowler

Fluent: English

Brooke Dowler is an experienced law clerk at Talarico and Schwisberg Law Offices, specializing in resale real estate transactions and real estate purchase transactions. With her expertise in real estate law, Brooke plays a vital role in supporting clients throughout the process of buying or selling residential properties.

Brooke demonstrates a meticulous approach in both resale real estate transactions and real estate purchase transactions. She carefully reviews agreements of purchase and sale while conducting comprehensive due diligence searches to meet all legal requirements and safeguard clients' interests. With effective coordination skills, Brooke facilitates a smooth closing process by working closely with buyers, sellers, and legal representatives.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, Brooke is a trusted source of support for clients navigating the intricacies of these transactions.

(613) 236-8000 ext. 2

Rabia Naseem

Fluent: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu

Rabia Naseem, a law clerk at Talarico and Schwisberg Law Offices, brings her expertise and dedication to providing exceptional support to clients. Originally from Pakistan, Rabia has developed a strong rapport with clients, establishing a seamless and professional working relationship.

Rabia specializes in real estate transactions and demonstrates meticulousness in her work, ensuring that agreements of purchase and sale are thoroughly reviewed. She conducts comprehensive due diligence searches to meet legal requirements and protect clients' interests. Additionally, Rabia's effective coordination skills contribute to a smooth closing process as she works closely with buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers and legal representatives.

Clients can rely on her expertise and professionalism as she guides them through the intricacies of their legal matters.

(613) 236-8000 ext. 3

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